The 2018 Annual Street Listing Form that combines the Town Census and the State Voter Census is coming to your household soon.  Although this form is issued by the state in an effort to verify current voters living in Shutesbury, the form also is a listing of ALL Shutesbury residents, including non-voters and children.  This information is used for trash bag eligibility, to verify residence for veteran and elderly benefits and as an address confirmation for future town mailings. 

This is an important legal document.  By returning it promptly, you can avoid becoming an inactive voter, a status that requires extra paperwork to reverse at the polls. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Please read over the form carefully, and add on or correct any omissions or mistakes.

Town Clerks cannot remove any voters who have moved away without this or her signature.  Please provide an address so I can follow up.  If I can't make contact, the person will stay on the voter rolls for four years.

The person with an asterisk beside their name is the person who signs the form at the bottom left, verifying the information.

If you do not receive a census form in a week, please contact me so I can correct the problem.