A Citizen’s Petition is proposal by a citizen or a group of citizens, signed by 10 or more registered voters, that is brought to the Select Board to place on a Town Meeting warrant.  For example, a petition could ask town meeting to vote for adoption, amendment or repeal of a town’s bylaw.  Another type of petition may offer a resolution/advisory urging action at local, state or federal levels. 

Last year six Citizen Petitions placed articles on the Annual Town Meeting warrant.  The process to file a Citizen Petition is multi-stepped and has deadlines.  This year citizen petitions must be given to the Select Board no later than March 20.  The Town Clerk and Town Moderator have prepared an information sheet to guide citizens through the steps. Click here for the info sheet.

If you are considering such a petition, the time to start this research and process is now.  Contact the Town Clerk for more information