Select Board news

The Select Board meets every week or two to conduct town business. Many items that are considered span multiple meetings and are discussed over time. The following updates are listed to provide residents a sense of the items with Select Board is currently dealing with. For detailed information, please refer to the town calendar for meeting agendas.


Preparing for 4 Town meeting
Twice a year the Select boards, Town Administrators, School committees, and Finance committees from Shutesbury, Leverett, Pelham and Amherst meet with the Amherst-Pelham Regional Superintendent and Finance Director to review events, programs, and budgets for the upcoming year. The Select board is currently coordinating with our town committees to bring issues and concerns to the 4 Town Meeting.

Town Employee Reviews
The Select board began a process to regularly meet with town department heads to ensure they are providing residents with the services residents expect. We have had meetings with our Town Administrator, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Highway Superintendent. In the next several months we will be meeting with the Treasurer, Accountant, and Tax Collector.

Select board Policies and Procedures Manual
The Select board has spent the past year drafting a policies and procedures manual that is nearing completion. This manual will give the Select board and future boards an outline of how we conduct business for the town in an effort to streamline procedures and provide a consistent response to routine matters.


News & Updates

Info and Resources

At its Sept. 19, 2017 meeting the Shutesbury Select Board unanimously past the following motion.


The issue of Native American Site Preservation in the Town of Shutesbury has become fraught with significant concerns from Native American residents of Shutesbury, other citizens of Shutesbury, and other interested parties. Among the many concerns for all parties are fear of violence and intimidation, death threats, need for police protection, distrust, insulting language, bullying, threats of litigation, committee resignations, and other extremely negative and divisive concerns. The Select Board stresses that these are concerns of all interested parties. In our opinion, under these circumstances any current attempts to move forward in the following areas will only exacerbate these concerns. These areas includes:

  1. Appointment of initial members to a Native American Preservation Working Group.
  2. Entering into any potential Memorandums of Understanding as referenced in the 9.19.17 Select Board meeting agenda.

In the Select Board’s opinion, it is in the best interest of all concerned parties and the Town of Shutesbury to immediately table any and all actions in the above town areas until the Select Board is satisfied that people can work together to move the processes forward.