Town of Shutesbury Web Site Policy

See also: Town
of Shutesbury Subscribed Email Announcement List Policy

Policy Number 020618, Amended Aug. 23,

Purpose & Goal

The sole and limited
purpose of the town's web site is to provide information of a
factual nature about the Town of Shutesbury government and provide
links to regional council, official state and federal government
sites. In establishing and maintaining its official web site,
the town does not intend in any manner to create a forum or other
means by which public discourse, exchange of opinions, or
discussion on issues of any nature may occur. The goals of
the web site are to encourage increased citizen awareness by making
public information more readily available to them, provide
electronic access to town government information through a logical
single point of entry
(, and
to keep the public informed of local governmental


The Massachusetts Public Records laws
apply to information processed on this web
site. Confidential information will not be posted on the
town's web site. All contents in this web site are public


The Selectboard shall appoint a Web Committee and a
Webmaster, who is responsible for maintaining the town's
web site. All information prepared for posting on
the town web site shall be routed through the
Webmaster. The Shutesbury Selectboard is the
ultimate governing authority of the town's web site

The Webmaster aims to carry out town
web policies day-to-day, but is subject to the authority
of the Selectboard. These policies may include defining
the look and feel of the web site or deciding who may
post information on the site. Complaints about any
aspect of Web policy should be brought first to the
attention of the Webmaster. If a complainant is
unsatisfied, he or she may appeal to the Web Committee,
then to the Selectboard. The Selectboard reserves the
right to make changes to web policy at any time. The Web
Committee will review this policy annually at the August


Only links to Shutesbury governmental
services and official state and federal sites will be
allowed on the official Town of Shutesbury web
site. The town is not responsible for and does not
endorse the information on any linked web site unless the
town's web site states otherwise.


The Town of Shutesbury maintains this
web site to enhance public access to the town's
governmental information. This is a service that is
continually under development. While we try to keep the
information timely and accurate, we can make no
guarantees. We will make an effort to correct errors
brought to our attention. Users should be aware that the
information available on this web site may not always
reflect actual positions of the town.

With respect to documents available
from this web site, neither the Town of Shutesbury nor any
of its employees assumes any legal liability or
responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or
usefulness of any information disclosed, or represents
that its use would not infringe on privately owned