Absentee Voting has always been an option for Town elections.  This year more people may be considering  this option in light of public health concerns about the covid-19 virus.

The application form for absentee voting are available NOW.  Click here or pick up a form in front of the Town clerk's door.  You can also simply sign and mail a note to the Town Clerk, requesting an absentee ballot stating your residential address and the address to mail the ballot to. 

The ballots will be ready to mail out on March 25.  Due to the travel time in the U.S. postal system, it is recommended to mail back the ballot by Tuesday, April 21, four days before the election on April 25.  Voters can also cast absentee ballots in person at the town clerk's office during regular hours up to noon on Friday, April 24th. 

State and local officials are considering options regarding any rescheduling of town meeting and town elections.  New announcements will be posted here and emailed through the town announce system.