Bulky Waste Day


First Saturday in June, 10am to 2pm

Highway Department Yard, Leverett Road

Roadside Swap Week precedes each Bulky Waste Day

We offer the Bulky Waste program to all residents once during the year on the first Saturday in June.  This is an opportunity to recycle or dispose of items that are too large to fit into the weekly yellow trash bags or that are not allowed in the recycling bins under the Recycling and Solid Waste guidelines.

We begin with Shutesbury Swap Week.  During the week preceding Bulky Waste Day, residents are encouraged to place their unwanted household items at roadside with a "free" sign.  Usable furniture, toys, athletic equipment, flower pots, building materials, books, clothing, paint… anything that would be of use to others... gain an extended life with new owners.  Many savvy recyclers successfully use this option throughout the year, but the designated week before Bulky Waste Day becomes a Town-wide event.  People take a ride around town, check out the offerings, and help to recycle and reuse those cast-off gems along the roadsides.  Any unclaimed items can be brought to Bulky Waste Day at the end of Swap Week.

Bulky Waste Day is your chance to dispose of really large items.  "White goods" (enameled metals such as stoves, washers, dryers), scrap metal, tires, and furniture can be brought to the Highway Department yard on Leverett Road between 10am and 2pm without appointment.  (Space is limited, so large loads may not be accepted.)

Pesticides, oil-based paints and thinners, and other hazardous materials are not accepted.  You must take those items to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day operated by the Town of Amherst at their Transfer Station on Belchertown Road (Route 9).  Click on the link above for details.

Members of the Recycling and Solid Waste Committee will guide you through the disposal process as you arrive at the Highway Department yard on Leverett Road.  Traffic is routed through the east entrance, with a one-way loop to keep everyone safe [see map of Highway Dep't yard for Bulky Waste Day].  Before you enter the yard, your load will be checked and a disposal cost will be assessed.  See the disposal price list for Bulky Waste Days.  The general concept is to cover the cost of the rolloff containers, processing of special items such as refrigerators, humidifiers and propane tanks, and offer the convenience of an in-town site.  Please have small bills or a check made out to "Town of Shutesbury" to pay your assessment before entering the yard.



  • We are busiest in the first few hours of the event.  As noontime approaches, the rush subsides, then picks up again in the final hour or so.
  • Arranging your items in order of removal will make it easier to unload as you go through.
  • Plan on unloading your items into the roll-offs.  Volunteers are on hand to assist as necessary.  We do handle some large appliances with Town equipment but you should be self-sufficient as able.  If you had assistants loading up, try to bring them along to unload.  Help our volunteers avoid injury by offloading your own items.
  • Check ahead with the Recycling Coordinator if you have a question on specific items, or know that you'll have a very large item or overall volume.
  • Plan ahead... clean out the garage, basement or camp days in advance to minimize your stress on Bulky Waste Day.
  • Throughout the year, think about re-using items you no longer want or need. The longer an item's useful life can be extended, the fewer natural resources will be consumed.
  • Donating to charitable agencies, posting free items in the school newsletter or on grocery store bulletin boards, or using the free ad section of the Daily Hampshire Gazette and Amherst Bulletin will likely find a new owner for your unwanted items.
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