Rolling Expression of Interest (EOI) for MVP FY24 Action Grant

Eligible applicants can complete the form below to indicate interest in applying for FY24 MVP Action Grant funding. This process is optional but strongly encouraged and intended to provide potential applicants with feedback on their project ideas before submitting a formal application during the Request for Responses (RFR) period (tentatively expected to open end of March 2023). 

EOI Timeline: We will review EOIs on a rolling basis. Earlier submissions will be prioritized for feedback with the MVP staff and will be given feedback from a wider range of state agencies. The deadline to submit this form for more detailed feedback is Friday, January 20, 2023. The final deadline to submit this form to receive more limited feedback is Friday, February 3, 2023.

Number of Submissions: Each applicant should limit EOIs submitted to a maximum of 2 (i.e., 2 different potential project ideas).

Anticipated Amount of Grant Funding to be Awarded in FY24 Round: ~$20 million

Next Steps: MVP staff will contact you after submission of the EOI to discuss the project before the RFR is released. If for some reason you don't hear from us by March 2023, please reach out to your MVP Regional Coordinator directly.


  • Please note that while this EOI process is provided as a courtesy to help create a competitive application. Positive feedback during the EOI stage does not guarantee that a project will ultimately be funded. 
  • This form is for informational purposes- not a formal application. As such, proposed dates and estimated cost amounts are non-binding.

At the end of this form, you'll also be asked to indicate interest in participating in our new MVP 2.0 program. See the section at the end of this form for details.

Interested applicants with additional questions regarding the MVP program are encouraged to contact their Regional Coordinator.

Contact Information:

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MVP Action Grant Project Idea

Note: Please reference last year’s scoring criteria when thinking through whether your project will be competitive for the program. Competitive action grants align with MVP’s Core Principles.  

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Maximum of 350 words identifying goals and activities of the project.
Address for Project Location (enter town hall address for town-wide projects)*
What climate impact(s) will this project address?*
It is possible to address more than one impact with a project.
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Project Type*
Please contact your Regional Coordinator with questions about the best fit for your project
Estimated number of individuals
Site specific projects will benefit a specific location on the scale of a single parcel or street. Neighborhood-scale projects will benefit multiple parcels and/or streets. Area projects will benefit multiple neighborhoods on the scale of a school district, voting ward, zoning district, etc. Town-wide projects benefit an entire town. Regional projects benefit more than one town.

Environmental Justice and Climate Vulnerable Populations

Environmental Justice is defined as a census block group in which one or more of the following criteria is met, and as depicted the Massachusetts EJ Viewer Map

  • the annual median household income is not more than 65% of the statewide annual median household income
  • 40% or more of its population are minority, including individuals who identify themselves as Latino/Hispanic, Black/African American, Asian, Indigenous people, and people who otherwise identify as non-white
  • 25% or more of households lack English language proficiency
  • minorities comprise 25% or more of the population and the annual median household income of the municipality in which the neighborhood is located does not exceed 150% of the statewide annual median household income

Climate Vulnerable Populations are those who have lower adaptive capacity or higher exposure and sensitivity to climate hazards like flooding or heat stress due to factors such as access to transportation, income level, disability, racial inequity, health status, or age.

Maximum of 150 words
Maximum of 150 words
Maximum of 150 words
Important note: Awardees must provide at least 25% of the total project cost with cash and/or in-kind contributions from non-state sources except for communities listed in Attachment N of the RFR that must provide 10%.
Anticipated project timeframe:*
Please select 1-3 key words that will be helpful in sorting your EOI for review
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Piloting MVP 2.0

We are excited to pilot a new MVP planning program in the 2023 (FY24) grant round! The new MVP 2.0 program will provide communities with guaranteed upfront funding to:

  • Expand their Core Team to include a more diverse array of community members in climate resilience planning and action
  • Receive innovative virtual training on climate resilience best practices, equity, and environmental justice
  • Reset priorities in their current MVP plans based on this new knowledge and engagement, and
  • Receive technical assistance and guaranteed funding to develop and implement an action project.

Any community that has gone through the original MVP planning process and is interested can apply to pilot the program. If there is a lot of interest, we will prioritize municipalities whose MVP plans are 5 years old (completed in 2017/2018). Participating in the pilot will not affect Action Grant eligibility in the FY24 round. In the future, we do plan to require all communities to undergo the new program to maintain eligibility to apply to Action Grants, so you would be getting a head start! Your Regional Coordinator can provide more information on your EOI call. 

After reading the above, are you interested in piloting MVP 2.0 in the FY24 round?*
Note we expect to hold a webinar on the program in the spring before the RFR is released.
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