Fiscal Year 2019 tax rate:  $23.26/1,000



Value Changes for Fiscal Year 2019

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) requires assessors to annually review the previous year’s real estate sales and determine if town assessments are at full market value.  As part of the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY 18) recertification, the assessors made some adjustments to building values in response to a rising real estate market. The adjustments were necessary and met the state’s requirements.

During the FY 19 sales review, vacant land sales supported a lower land valuation. At the same time, selling prices of single-family homes continued to rise.  As a result, land values were lowered approximately 18% and building values were raised approximately 13%. The net result of these changes is an increase of single-family homes assessments of about 2% overall, with an average increase of $5,500.  We were assisted in making these adjustments by an outside valuation consultant, and the DOR has reviewed and approved the new valuations.

The increased valuations, along with the value of new construction in town, yields a 2.95% increase in the town’s total valuation. If the town budget and all other factors had stayed the same, the increased valuation would have resulted in a lower tax rate. However, spending approved at town meeting increased by 1.95% (+ $121,281) from FY 18, and state aid was reduced by 7.4% (-54,981) from FY 18. All these factors combined result in an estimated new tax rate of $23.26/1,000 for FY 19 up by twenty cents from FY 18’s rate. The average tax bill will increase approximately $180.00.

A complete list of the new assessments (VALUES_18-19) can be found below

The Board of Assessors are always willing to discuss individual assessments with property owners.

Please call the Assessors’ office with any questions or concerns.






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Chapter 61 Applications due by October 1st


This reminder is for all Chapter 61 property owners that your applications are due on or before October 1st.  Recreational (61-B) and Agricultural (61-A) applicants are required to apply every year by October 1st.  If you are classified in Forestry (61) and have a Forest management plan which expires at the end of 2019, your completed application and updated forest management plan also should be received  by the Board of Assessors by October 1st.


Application forms are available below or may be picked up at our office during office hours.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


The following forms are available as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files:

Form of List (household)
Form of List (business)