Name Association Title Email Phone
Charles DiMare Zoning Board of Appeals Chair 549-5330
Craig Martin Wired West Coalition Delegate
Jamie Malcolm-Brown Web Committee Chair 362-9996
Al Werner Water Resources Committee Board of Health
Mark Fitzpatrick Veterans Services Veterans' Agent 413 772-1571
Tim Niejadlik Veterans Services Veterans' Agent 413 772-1571
Timothy Hunting Tree Warden contact person 259-1215
Ryan Mailloux Treasurer Treasurer 259-1801
Susie Mosher Town Clerk Records Access Officer, Bd. of Registrar 259-1204
Rebecca Torres Town Administrator Town Administrator 259-1214
Jennifer Haggerty Superintendent of Union 28 Schools 413 423-3337
April Stein Select Board Member 259-1074
Melissa Makepeace-O'Neil Select Board Chair 256-0312
Elaine Puleo Select Board Member 259-1979
Lauren Thomas-Paquin School Committee Chair
Meryl Mandell Recycling/Solid Waste Committee Chair 259-1282
Gary Bernhard Recycling/Solid Waste Committee Recycling Coordinator 259-1235
BZ Reily Recreation Committee Chair
Susie Mosher Records Storage Advisory Committee Chair 259-1204
Daniel Fernandes Police Department Chief 259-1279 / 625-8200 For emergencies dial 911
John Letourneau Plumbing/Gas Inspector Inspector 413 367-0017
Deacon Bonnar Planning Board Chair 259-1276
Anna Mundow Personnel Committee Chair
Catherine Hilton Old Town Beach Committee Chair 367-2388
Gayle Huntress Municipal Light Plant Board Manager 413-345-2855
Paul Lyons Moderator Moderator
Meryl Mandell Master Plan Working Group Chair 259-1282
Mary Anne Antonellis Library Library Director 259-1213
Mark Rivers Lake Wyola Advisory Committee Chair riversmarkh@gmailcom (508) 259 0972
Timothy Hunting Highway Dept Superintendent 259-1215
Claudia Lucas Health Agent Heath Agent 549-3710
Howard Kinder Gate and Dam Keeper
Walter Tibbetts Fire Department Chief 259-1211
Eric Stocker Finance Committee Co-Chair 259-1250
George Arvanitis Finance Committee Co-Chair 259-1348
Rebecca Torres Farm and Forestry Commission contact person 259-1214
Walter Tibbetts Emergency Management Team Fire Chief, EMT director 259-1211
Jacqueline Mendonsa Elementary School Principal 259-1212 ext 113
Maurice Gregoire Electrical Inspector Electrical Inspector 253-7505
Walter Tibbetts E-911 Coordinator E-911 Coordinator 259-1211
Nancy Long Dog Officer Dog officer/Animal inspector 259-1279
Julie Stepanek Cultural Council 387-5670
David Dann Council on Aging Chair
Linda Avis Scott Conservation Commission Clerk 259-3792
Allen Hanson Community Preservation Committee Co-Chair 259-1623
Rita Farrell Community Preservation Committee Co-Chair / Housing Authority Rep. 259-1297
Walter Tibbetts Cemetery Commission Cemetery Commissioner 259-1211
Robert Groves Buildings Committee Chair 259-1200
James Hawkins Building Inspector Progrm Manager/Building Commissioner 413 774-3167 ext 113
Gayle Huntress Broadband Committee Co-Chair 413-345-2855
Catherine Hilton Board of Health Clerk 259-2122
Kenneth Holmberg Assessor Administrative Assessor 259-3790
Linda Avis Scott Administrative Secretary Administrative Secretary 259-6550
Rebecca Torres ADA Committee ex officio member 259-1214
Gail Weiss Accountant 259-1108