Disposal Sites


Staples accepts many electronics for recycling at no cost!   Read/download their list of items here.  Staples sends items to ERI for sorting, shredding, and for recycling of materials.


Fluorescent lamps and bulbs

In the past, residents have been able to dispose of old fluorescent lamps, compact bulbs and tubes in the Town Hall copy room.  Town Hall has been closed for some time, however, and will likely remain closed.

Lowes will accept compact fluorescent lamps (CFL bulbs) and fluorescent tubes shorter than 8 feet.  There are recycling bins just inside the door marked "Returns."

DO NOT leave these hazardous mercury-bearing items outside in back of Town Hall.  Please either take them to Lowes — or hang onto them until Town Hall reopens.


Selling used mattresses is illegal in Massachusetts, so no retail establishment or charity will accept them for resale.  You'll find information here on how to properly discard or recycle old mattresses.

Click here for things to consider if it's time to replace/dispose of your mattress.


Click here for NPR's graphic explanation of plastics recycling.


Check out this website for proper disposal of prescription medicines.  Note that police stations in Amherst, Hadley, and Northampton have secure boxes to accept disposal of old medications.


Solid Waste

Shutesbury residents can now use the Leverett Transfer Station!  Check out how it works here.   See the price list here.