Town Meeting

Our Town's government is in the form of an open town meeting, a direct democracy, in which registered voters come together in person to be heard, to debate, and to vote on policy decisions affecting the Town.  An information sheet on voting with clickers can be found here.

Shutesbury's Annual Town Meeting is usually held on the last Saturday in April, and the election of Town officials is held at that time.  Absentee voting is allowed in electing Town officials.

The Annual Town Meeting has three chief functions:

  • to appropriate money for operational costs

  • to act on policies and bylaws brought forth by committees or boards

  • to hear reports from Town officials, committees, boards, and departments

The Select Board may schedule a Special Town Meeting as needed during the year, and the meeting will be duly posted and publicized throughout town.

Annual and Special Town Meetings are presided over by the Town Moderator, using the Massachusetts Moderators Association's Town Meeting Time as the guide for parliamentary procedures.  The practical/formal terms of conducting a Town Meeting can be found here.