Committee/Department Meeting Date
Future of the Fire Department Committee 211229-fcsc-mins.pdf38.09 KB
Future of the Fire Department Committee 211222-fcsc-mins.pdf43.25 KB
Select Board 211221-sb-mins.pdf142.62 KB
Conservation Commission 211216-osc-mins.pdf13.41 MB
Open Space Committee 211216-osc-mins-0.pdf13.41 MB
Planning Board 211213-pb-mins.pdf399.76 KB
Future of the Fire Department Committee 211208-fcsc-mins.pdf42.97 KB
Capital Improvement Planning Committee 211207-cap-mins.pdf27.62 KB
Select Board 211206-sb-mins.pdf116.85 KB
Board of Health 211201-boh-mins.pdf37.4 KB
Future of the Fire Department Committee 211201-fcsc-mins.pdf37.87 KB
Select Board 211130-sb-mins.pdf103.16 KB
Recreation Committee 211130-rec-mins.pdf90.94 KB
Library Trustees 211129-bolt-mins.pdf71.19 KB
Library Trustees library-building-program-application.pdf8.39 MB
Library Trustees library-building-program-application-form.pdf47.94 MB
Police Study Group 211129-psg-mins.pdf191.56 KB
Assessor 211129-boa-mins.pdf70.79 KB
Future of the Fire Department Committee 211124-fcsc-mins.pdf46.17 KB
Select Board 211123-sb-mins.pdf132.73 KB
Library Trustees 211213-bolt.pdf86.43 KB
Historical Commission 211122-hc-mins.pdf116.31 KB
Web Committee 211118-webcom-mins.pdf112.77 KB
Cemetery Commission 211117-cem-mins.pdf74.74 KB
Select Board 211117-sb-mins.pdf106.2 KB
Broadband Committee 211117-bbmlp-mins.pdf59.71 KB
Library Trustees 211116-bolt-mins.pdf63.84 KB
Recreation Committee 211116-rec-mins.pdf56.08 KB
Police Study Group 211115-psg-mins.pdf103.82 KB
Select Board 211109-sb-mins.pdf136.98 KB
Library Trustees 211108-bolt-mins.pdf70.4 KB
Police Study Group 211108-psg-mins.pdf58.88 KB
Library Trustees 211104-bolt-mins.pdf77.14 KB
Library Trustees 211103-bolt-mins.pdf80.68 KB
Finance Committee 211103-fincom-mins.pdf335.85 KB
Council on Aging 211103-coa-mins.pdf146.14 KB
Open Space Committee 211103-osc-minutes.pdf108.29 KB
Recreation Committee 211102-rec-mins.pdf13.38 KB
Conservation Commission 211028-conscom-mins.pdf41.86 KB
Police Study Group 211028-psg-mins.pdf129.8 KB
Select Board 211026-sb-mins.pdf116.75 KB
Library Trustees 211024-bolt-mins.pdf76.83 KB
Personnel Board 211021-perbd-mins.pdf104.76 KB
Board of Health 211020-boh-mins.pdf35.89 KB
Finance Committee 211020-fincom-mins.pdf93.98 KB
Broadband Committee 211020-bbmlp-mins.pdf34.58 KB
Historical Commission 211019-hc-mins.pdf94.63 KB
Zoning Board of Appeals 211018-zba-mins.pdf38.66 KB
Library Trustees 211018-bolt-mins.pdf108.2 KB
Open Space Committee 211018-osc-minutes.pdf105.58 KB