Committee/Department Meeting Date
Select Board 200915-sb-mins.pdf102.01 KB
Select Board 200902-sb-mins.pdf84.1 KB
Select Board 200821-sb-mins.pdf59.75 KB
Select Board 200818-sb-0.pdf92.29 KB
Select Board 200811-sb-mins.pdf109.64 KB
Library Trustees 200727-bolt-mins.pdf81.16 KB
Town Meeting 200727-annual-town-meeting-mins.pdf3.07 MB
Conservation Commission 200723-conscom-mins.pdf86.91 KB
Select Board 200721-sb-mins.pdf131.92 KB
Board of Health 200715-boh-mins.pdf34.43 KB
Broadband Committee 200715-bbmlp-mins.pdf38.5 KB
Finance Committee 200714-fincom-mins.pdf93.07 KB
Planning Board 200713-pb-mins.pdf126.94 KB
Conservation Commission 200709-conscom-mins.pdf96.67 KB
Select Board 200707-sb-mins.pdf128.72 KB
Board of Health 200701-boh-mins.pdf58.22 KB
Web Committee 200701-webcom-mins.pdf71.85 KB
Broadband Committee 200701-bbmlp-mins.pdf28.36 KB
Planning Board 200626-pb-mins.pdf50.22 KB
Conservation Commission 200625-conscom-mins.pdf88.45 KB
Board of Health 200624-boh-mins.pdf32.67 KB
Select Board 200623-sb-mins.pdf95.25 KB
Planning Board 200622-pb-mins.pdf129.96 KB
Board of Health 200617-boh-mins.pdf27.98 KB
Broadband Committee 200617-bbmlp-mins.pdf36.6 KB
Select Board 200612-sb-mins.pdf69.97 KB
Conservation Commission 200611-conscom-mins.pdf73.64 KB
Board of Health 200610-boh-mins.pdf84.94 KB
Select Board 200609-sb-mins.pdf154.69 KB
Finance Committee 6-8-20-fincommminutes.pdf39.96 KB
Board of Health 200603-boh.pdf85.94 KB
Finance Committee 6-2-20-fincommminutes.pdf49.4 KB
Select Board 200602-sb-mins.pdf100.59 KB
Planning Board 200601-pbmins.pdf68.94 KB
Conservation Commission 200625-conscom.pdf395.39 KB
Finance Committee 5-27-20-fincommminutes.pdf52.65 KB
Board of Health 200527-boh-mins.pdf91.92 KB
Select Board 200526-sb-mins.pdf142.56 KB
Board of Health 200520-boh.pdf101.39 KB
Broadband Committee 200520-bbmlp.pdf40.85 KB
Library Trustees 200518-bolt-mins-and-dir-report.pdf113.28 KB
Council on Aging 200518-coa-mins.pdf48.67 KB
Conservation Commission 200514-conscom-mins.pdf87.91 KB
Board of Health 200513-boh.pdf86.83 KB
Finance Committee 5-12-20-fincommminutes-0.pdf42.39 KB
Finance Committee 5-12-20-fincommminutes.pdf42.39 KB
Planning Board 200511-pb-mins.pdf84.36 KB
Select Board 200507-sbmins.pdf100.46 KB
Board of Health 200506-boh-mins.pdf101.97 KB
Select Board 200505-sbmins.pdf66.43 KB