Committee/Department Meeting Date
Web Committee 220525-web-mins.pdf74.93 KB
Energy & Climate Action Committee 220510-ecac-mins.pdf117.71 KB
Select Board 220510-sb-mins.pdf123.46 KB
Select Board 220504-sb-mins.pdf120.95 KB
Finance Committee 220503-fincom-mins.pdf85.17 KB
Library Trustees 220428-bolt-mins.pdf34.8 KB
Conservation Commission 220428-conscom-mins.pdf147.59 KB
Recreation Committee 220428-rec-mins.pdf520.9 KB
Finance Committee 220427-fincom-mins.pdf83.9 KB
Broadband Committee 220427-bbmlp-mins.pdf56.35 KB
Library Trustees 220426-bolt-mins.pdf50.59 KB
Energy & Climate Action Committee 220426-ecac-mins.pdf66.61 KB
Select Board 220426-sb-mins.pdf151.68 KB
Police Study Group 220421-psg-mins.pdf44.79 KB
Library Trustees 220418-bolt-mins.pdf37.97 KB
Conservation Commission 220414-conscom-mins.pdf171.73 KB
School Committee 220616-ssc.pdf89.01 KB
Select Board 220414-sb-mins.pdf78.24 KB
Finance Committee 220414-fincom-mins.pdf90.87 KB
Energy & Climate Action Committee 220412-ecac-mins-rev.pdf175.77 KB
Select Board 220412-sb-mins.pdf105.34 KB
Planning Board 220411-pb-mins.pdf79.25 KB
Web Committee 220406-web-mins.pdf157.25 KB
Finance Committee 220405-fincom-mins.pdf84.95 KB
Select Board 220405-sb-mins.pdf121.29 KB
Conservation Commission 220404-conscom-mins.pdf136.32 KB
Library Trustees 220404-bolt-mins.pdf33.34 KB
Personnel Board 220404-perbd-mins.pdf104.18 KB
Energy & Climate Action Committee 220329-ecac-mins.pdf111.62 KB
Library Trustees 220328-bolt-mins.pdf39.4 KB
Planning Board 220328-pb-mins.pdf84.11 KB
Conservation Commission 220324-conscom-mins.pdf186.24 KB
Police Study Group 220324-psg-mins.pdf70.01 KB
Assessor 220324-boa-mins.pdf80.52 KB
Finance Committee 220322-fincom-mins.pdf87.93 KB
Library Trustees 220321-bolt-mins.pdf38.24 KB
School Committee 220317-ssc-mins.pdf128.37 KB
Community Preservation Committee 220317-cpc-mins.pdf48.87 KB
Board of Health 220316-boh-mins.pdf38.53 KB
Broadband Committee 220316-bbmlp-mins.pdf49.37 KB
Library Trustees 220315-bolt-mins.pdf42.52 KB
Select Board 220315-sb-mins.pdf144.78 KB
Planning Board 220314-zba-mins.pdf102.37 KB
Zoning Board of Appeals 220314-pb-mins.pdf102.37 KB
Conservation Commission 220310-conscom-mins.pdf226 KB
Community Preservation Committee 220310-cpc-mins.pdf89.8 KB
Personnel Board 220310-perbd-mins.pdf103.49 KB
Web Committee 220309-web-mins.pdf141.45 KB
Police Study Group 220309-psg-mins.pdf152.3 KB
Council on Aging 220309-coa-mins.pdf186.9 KB