Finance Committee

During the year, the Finance Committee meets with all Departments, Committees, and Boards to review requests for funds (see calendar of meetings for FY23 budget here).  Based on a review of anticipated source of revenue, the Finance Committee then proposes a budget for the next fiscal year to be voted at the Annual Town Meeting.

Read how to make your FY25 Budget Request here.
Download the FY25 Budget Request form here.


Upcoming Meetings

The most recent and up-to-date meeting notices are available on the Town Calendar.

All meetings will be held virtually until the Stay-at-home COVID-19 mandate has been lifted.  The zoom meeting link is provided in the meeting's posted agenda.  All of our meetings are public and the public is always welcome.


Guides for Municipal Financial Management

Municipal Financial Guidelines

These Guidelines, developed with consultant Joe Markarian, Director of Technical Assistance in the Division of Local Services, concern Shutesbury's policies, best practices, annual calendar, and coordination with other committees and boards.  The Guidelines were approved by the Select Board and Finance Committee in 2018.

Guide to Financial Management for Town Officials

This Guide, developed by the MA Division of Local Services, lays out major elements of municipal finance, revenue sources & expenditures, kinds of funds/accounts, role & responsibilities of the SelectBoard, role & responsibilities of the Finance Committee, and the process of municipal budgeting.

Costing Municipal Services

This is a Guide and Case Study, developed by the Division of Local Services, to present the basic concepts and techniques of assessing the full cost of municipal services.

Public Record Retention

This Schedule lays out the statewide requirements for retention of public administrative, legal & regulatory, facilities, fiscal, and personnel records in Massachusetts.


Information for proceedings of the Finance Committee

Cherry Street Manual

Named for the cherry-colored paper on which it was originally printed, the Cherry Sheet Manual is the Division of Local Services official notification from the Commissioner of Revenue for state aid and assessments to city, town, and regional school districts for the coming fiscal year.

Municipal Financial Glossary

This Glossary, compiled by the Division of Local Services, defines terms applicable to municipal financial management.

Massachusetts Municipal Association

The MMA is a statewide organization that studies and shares information on municipal trends and issues.

Division of Local Services

Within the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the Division of Local Services provides information and useful data on all 351 towns in Massachusetts.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This is the federal site for nationwide labor announcements, publications, and labor data.


Finance Committee Bylaw