Library Board of Trustees

Six elected volunteers serve as the Library Board of Trustees to govern the Town's library according to state and federal laws.  The Trustees are responsible for carrying out the library's mission — in sum,"to provide Shutesbury residents of all ages with materials and programs to meet their education, entertainment, and information needs in an environment that fosters community."

Note change:  The Trustees meet at the M.N. Spear Library on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm — except when the 3rd Monday of the month is a national or state holiday (January, February, April).

Current Trustees and their term's expiration year:

Kate Cell, Co-Chair (2024)
Melanie DeSilva (2026)
Bradley Foster (2025)
Timothy Logan (2024)
Elizabeth Murphy (2024)
Michele Regan-Ladd, Co-Chair (2025)

Policies for Library Operation

Policies for Trustees Management


The Library Facility Needs Assessment Committee

March 14, 2007 through March 2, 2011

History and Minutes


New Shutesbury Library Capital Fundraising Committee

September 2010 through January 2012

History and Minutes 


Bylaws of the M.N.Spear Library Trustees