Town Administrator

Rebecca Torres

P. O. Box 276
1 Cooleyville Road
Shutesbury MA 01072-0276


MVP documents related to MVP FY24 Action Grant
Click here for MVP Core Principles (October 2021)
Click here to read Shutebury's MVP Grant application (last year's FY23 submission)
Click here for Expression of Interest (EOI) form for FY 24 action grant

MA Department of Environmental Protection Notice of Responsibility
Click here to read EPA's Notice of Responsibility for PFAS contamination (issued November 2022).

Caprice Shaw Summary Letter:  PFAS Sampling Results
Click here to read results of PFAS sampling at Fire Department (November 2022).

Library Building Program
Click here to read the formal Library Building Program (November 2021).

Hazard Mitigation Plan.
Click here to read final plan, approved by FEMA (January 2022).

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan.
Click here to read Fuss & O'Neill Summary of Findings (August 2020).


Weekly Reports