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A Joint letter from the Select Board and Police Chief

The Select Board and the Police chief have prepared a letter for the community in response to the tragic event that has sparked a passionate response to address racism across the nation.

Please click here to read the letter.


Information for 2020 Annual Town Meeting and Election

The 2020 Annual Town Meeting and Election will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2020 in the field behind Town Hall at 1 Cooleyville Rd.  The polls are open for voting from 8 am - 2 pm.  The town meeting starts at 9 am.  Please come early to sign in and get seated.

More information is provided below.


2020 Annual Town Meeting Announcements

Board of Health Announcement

June 23 Town Administrator Announcement

Map of 06/27/20 Town Meeting area


2020 Annual Town Meeting Documents

2020 Annual Town Meeting Warrant

Proposed Zoning AmendmentsProposed Zone Map for Solar Bylaw

FY 21 Projected Revenue

FY21 Projected Expense Budget- Amended 6/19/20


Finance Committee Presentation

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Finance Committee Presentation Documents

Annual Finance Committee Town Report- Amended 6/19/20

Glossary of Finance Committee Terms

Reserve Funds FY 21

Capital Planning Recommendations

Budget History

Property Tax History


June 22, 2020 Planning Board Public Hearing Recording  Password: 8Q%X076&

Town Meeting Dept., Board and Committee Reports

Planning Board Annual Report

ZBA Annual Report

Broadband Annual Report

Record Storage Advisory Annual Report


Select Board Responsibilities

The board of selectmen’s formal, legal responsibilities are scattered throughout hundreds of statutes and in a town’s bylaws, home rule charter, and in the special laws (special acts) enacted by the Legislature for a particular town. Boards of selectmen have general supervision over all matters that are not specifically delegated by law, or by vote of the town, to another office of board.

While the specific role of the selectman is broad, it varies from town to town. Generally, boards of selectmen have at least several important responsibilities under state law: the power to prepare the town meeting warrant; the power to make appointments to town boards and offices; the power to employ professional administrative staff and town counsel; the power to sign warrants for the payment of all town bills; and the authority to grant licenses and permits.


Select Board members

Melissa Makepeace O'Neil, Vice Chair


Elaine Puleo

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April Stein

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Select Board meets biweekly at 6:30 PM at Town Hall, usually on Tuesdays. Most meetings begin with an Open Comment period in which members of the public are encouraged to share information or thoughts with the Select Board. All meetings can be found on the Town Calendar.

Minutes are listed on the Meeting option on the navigation bar for the website


News & Updates

Select Board Priorities 2017-2018 (FY18)

Select Board Priorities 2017-2018 (FY18)

Accountability and Operational Oversight
Select Board will:

  • Continue to work in conjunction with Personnel Committee to improve/establish system for annual reviews of town department heads 
  • Increase frequency of town audit to every two years and eventually every one year (in conjunction with FinComm and financial team).

Community Engagement
Select Board will: