Septic system permit

Getting a septic system permit

Getting a permit to install a septic system is a complicated process.  Whether you’re building a new home or replacing a failed septic system at an existing home, your first task is to retain the services of a septic system designer (an engineer or registered sanitarian).  This designer will perform a soil evaluation, design the system, prepare an application to the Board of Health, prepare drawings for review, and inspect the installation. 

The Shutesbury Board of Health does not review septic system plans.  This service is provided by Claudia Lucas and Charlie Kaniecki of the Eastern Franklin County Health District, acting as an agent of the Board of Health.  Septic system designs must be submitted to the district for review.  The Board of Health will not issue a septic system permit without the recommendation of our agent.

You can find more information on septic systems and the Shutesbury Board of Health here.