Records Storage Advisory Committee

On June 27, 2017 The Select Board formed the Records Storage Advisory Committee with the following charge:

The purpose of the Records Storage Advisory Committee is to study and recommend to the Select Board short and long term measures that will improve the Town's ability to preserve and protect all the town's record as required by state statute.

These measures will include concerns for inventory, accessibility, work space, the environmental factors of light, heat, and humidity, security, structural strength, and future expansion as needed. The space must also be fireproof and flood proof. 

This appointed committee should consist of six members.  The Town Administrator should serve as an ex officio member.  The voting members should be the Town clerk, a Town Hall employee, a member from the Buildings Committee, a member of the Board of Library Trustees, and two members from the community at large.  

The town received a SHRAB grant for the Roving Archivist, Rachel Onuf, to write a report giving us some idea of what lies ahead in terms of preserving our town records.  Click below to read the report.