Community Garden Survey

From the Recreation Committee:

Community Gardens, Anyone?

Have you always wanted a garden but lack a sunshiny plot? Or maybe you donʼt have the space? Maybe you just donʼt like to garden alone. Or maybe you donʼt relish the thought of hauling the huge stones Shutesbury land is famous for?

The Shutesbury Recreation Committee is considering the installation of a community garden for next spring. Gardening is healthy outdoor activity for all ages. It brings people together, promotes sustainability and intergenerational recreation, and can be done safely in pandemic times like these. Itʼs also a great learning tool for families.

We are asking Town residents who might be interested in participating to please fill out this brief survey so that we can get your feedback. If you or some other resident does not have internet access and/or would like to have a paper copy of this survey mailed to them, contact Elaine Puleo at 413-259-1979. Many thanks!