Active Projects Under Conservation Commission Review


Common Abbreviations Used in Wetlands Permitting

Policy Regarding Public Comments in Public Hearings and Meetings


Solar Project Permitting


Requests for Determination of Applicability (RDAs)

RDA for 27 Weatherwood Road/Lipman-Septic System

RDA for 74 Pratt Corner Road/DeFant-Kibler/Driveway Repair and Rain Garden

RDA for 17 Cove Road/Avonti/Home Addition Demolition and Reconstruction

Notices of Intent (NOIs) and Requests for Amended Orders of Conditions

64 Lake Drive/Jones, DEP File # 286-0301/286-0303: home addition, retaining walls, patio, deck, docks

56 Lake Drive Stairway Extension/Moskal, DEP File # 286-0302

57/59 Shore Drive Home Demolition and Reconstruction/West, DEP File # 286-0300

Camel Brook Bridge Repairs Notice of Intent, Cornwell Road/DCR, DEP File # 286-0299

    64 Cushman Road/Heard, Request for Amended Order of Conditions, DEP File # 286-0288

    • Amended OOC Request,  received 4//26/23
    • Meeting Discussion: 5/11/23
    • Public Hearing closed 5/25/23
    • Amended Order of Conditions issued 5/26/23
    • Emergency Certification, issued 10/6/23

    86 Sand Hill Road/Dandelion Energy, Request for Amended Order of Conditions, DEP File # 286-0293

    • Meeting Discussion: 1/12/2023
    • Amended OOC Request 1/26/23
    • Public Hearing: Thursday, February 9, 2023
    • Amended OOC issued February 10, 2023

    Ames Pond/Kestrel Land Trust, DEP File # 286-0291

    Emergency Certifications

    Montague Road Culvert Emergency Certification, 5/11/23, Shutesbury Highway Department

    Shore Drive Culvert Emergency Certification, Lake Wyola Association, issued 10/6/23

    64 Cushman Road Emergency Certification for DEP File # 286-0288, issued 10/6/23

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