Cowls/AMP Energy Solar Project ANRADs


In 2020, 2021, and 2022, the Commission issued five Orders of Resource Area Delineation (ORADs) for parcels owned by W.D. Cowls, Inc., potentially slated for solar development. See below for ORAD documents and timelines.

What's an ANRAD/ORAD?  The Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) application is used by landowners when they wish the Commission to review and approve the jurisdictional wetland boundaries on a given parcel of land. Landowners sometimes seek out these reviews for advance guidance about wetland boundaries to assist in planning.

The Commission’s role in the ANRAD process is to confirm the accuracy of the mapped wetland boundaries and the associated buffer zones, such as the 100-foot Adjacent Upland Resource Area or the 200-foot Riverfront Area. ANRADs review the boundaries of all jurisdictional Resource Areas protected by the state Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) and the Shutesbury General Wetlands Protection Bylaw. ORADs or Orders of Resource Area Delineation are approvals of delineations. ORADs are issued for three years. 

ORADs have been issued for the following parcels: Montague/Carver, Pratt Corner East, Pratt Corner West, Leverett West, and Pratt Corner South.  These Orders were issued after a lengthy public hearing process during which the Commission hired a Third Party Reviewer to inspect and confirm the Resource Area boundaries.

If you have questions about the ANRAD/ORAD process that are not answered here, please get in touch with the Commission.

Pratt Corner Road East Parcel (ZG-2), DEP File Number 286-0276

Leverett West Parcel (ZF-15), DEP File Number 286-0282

ZD-37 (Montague/Carver), DEP File # 286-0285 - with expanded project area

  • Public Hearing opened 1/9/20
  • Continued Public Hearing dates: 3/12/20, 4/23/20, 5/14/20, 6/10/20, 7/9/20, 8/13/20, 10/22,20, 4/8/21, 9/9/21
  • Previous ANRAD withdrawn in October 2021
  • New ANRAD submitted October 2021         
  • Public Hearing opened, 10/14/21
  • Continued Public Hearing dates: 12/9/21, 1/13/22, 3/10/22, 5/12/22, 
  • Public Hearing closed 6/23/22
  • Order of Resource Area Delineation (ORAD) issued June 24, 2022
  • ORAD expires 6/24/2025

Pratt Corner South Parcel (ZU-2), DEP File Number 286-0283

  • Public Hearing opened 11/12/20
  • Continued Public Hearing dates: 3/11/21, 5/13/21, 6/24/21, 7/22/21, 8/12/21, 9/9/21, 9/23/21, 10/14/21
  • Public Hearing closed 10/14/21
  • ORAD issued 10/19/2021
  • ORAD expires 10/19/2024

Pratt Corner West Parcel (ZW-6), DEP File Number 286-0287

  • Public Hearing opened 1/9/20
  • Continued Public Hearing dates: 3/26/20, 6/25/20, 7/23/20, 10/22/20, 1/14/21
  • ORAD issued 1/14/21 (withdrawn due to quorum issue)
  • ANRAD resubmitted in March 2022
  • New Public Hearing opened/closed: 3/24/22
  • ORAD issued 4/5/2022
  • ORAD expires 4/5/2025

Links to Cowls ANRAD and peer review comments are posted below

Montague-Carver Road


Baker Road

Pratt Corner Road East

Pratt Corner Road West

Pratt Corner Road South

Leverett Road West


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