To: All Active Employees and Retired Employees on Active Coverage

Re: Annual Open Enrollment Period for Health Insurance 

It is once again time for our annual open enrollment for the Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust Employee Benefits program. The health insurance and voluntary dental open enrollment period will be from April 15th to May 21st 2021. All enrollment changes, additions and terminations made during this time will be for the plan year effective July 1st 2021.  All enrollment/change requests and accompanies required documentation must be received by the Treasurer no later than May 26, 2021 for processing.

 If you are pleased with your present plan you need do nothing.

This year’s premium rates are being reduced by 2% for health insurance and 9% for dental insurance. 

We are changing our Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) from Express Scripts to CVS Caremark effective July 1, 2021. In the coming months, you will receive multiple mailings from CVS Caremark regarding this change, how it may impact you and any action you may need to take.  This change does NOT limit members use to only CVS pharmacy locations, members can continue to use their current pharmacy of choice for their prescriptions.  In June, members will also receive new ID cards in the mail, one from BCBS for their Medical coverage and one from CVS Caremark for their Prescription coverage. 

Adult children ages 19 to 25 may be added to your plan. A copy of the adult child’s birth certificate and a completed enrollment form must be received by the Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust before any coverage can become effective.

Please take advantage of the below website link which will bring you to detailed plan information:



-Insurance benefits information can be found at:

-Employees can access their online employment portal for paystubs and W-2s at



The Treasurer is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serves a 3-year term. The Treasurer is responsible for the financial obligations of the Town as described in the Massachusetts General Laws. 

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and accounting for all monies belonging to the Town, processing payroll, initiating temporary and permanent borrowing, and performing other statutory functions as required by the Massachusetts General :aws.

Payroll and Town expenses are paid out on a bi-weekly basis through warrant processing. These funds are paid out of the Treasurer's office once approved by the Town Accountant and Selectboard.