About Us

The Select Board has established the Library Building Committee "to oversee the design and construction of the New Shutesbury Library."  The Committee's eight members include the Library Director, a member of the Board of Library Trustees, a member of the Shutesbury Buildings Committee, and individuals from the community who have the skills and expertise to fulfill these roles:  Committee Chair, Clerk, Accountant/finance expert, Construction experience, Architect/design engineering, Working group coordination, and Communications.  Committee members were appointed by the Select Board at their meeting on August 30, 2022.

The Committee will make recommendations regarding the design and function of the interior and exterior of the New Shutesbury Library.  The Committee will solicit input from the Board of Library Trustees, Spear Library staff, Friends of the Library, and the community at large.

Committee members will familiarize themselves with MBLC's Small Library Project grant program requirements, learn the history and background of the New Shutesbury Library Project, and carefully review the Library Building Program approved for the grant award.  Finally, the Committee will become informed about library trends and innovations.

Throughout the life of the project, the Committee will work collaboratively as a team with several consultants, including an Owner's project Manager (OPM), an Architect, and Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioner (MBLC) Building Specialists.  The Committee will develop a timeline, milestones, and plans for the project and recommend a specific set of plans to the Board of Library Trustees for approval.

The Committee shall report updates of their activities to the Board of Library Trustees and Select Board on a quarterly basis.  Either Board may request more frequent updates periodically.


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