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Need help? Crocker is here to help with phone, voice mail, outages or support with your new equipment.

Support Department: Phone:  855-415-7592


Current Network Status - Click here to get current information on any known issues or outages. 


Voice Mail and Phone Feature Help Document

Router Manual and Information

Downed wire? Here's what to do:

1. Confirm the downed or drooping wire belongs to ShutesburyNET by looking at it. Our cables have an orange wraparound label at each utility pole to identify them. Our cable is in the MIDDLE between the electrical wires on top and Verizon lines on the bottom of each pole.

2. If you can confirm the downed or drooping line belongs to ShutesburyNET, call Crocker (855-415-7592) to report it. Be sure to have the street name and nearest home address when you call so you can relay the location to them for repair.

3. If you can't tell if the downed line is electrical, Verizon or our ShutesburyNET cable you can still call Crocker to report its location and we'll have someone check it out. *Don't touch downed wires in any circumstances. If any of the lines present an immediate safety hazard call 911*

Billing Questions: Phone:  413-775-4170 Email:

New/Change Service request:  Phone:  413-654-1703 Email:

General Questions: Broadband Committee: Phone: 413-345-2855 Email:


See the Frequently Asked Questions page HERE for more information about everything broadband!



High-speed fiber internet is available in Shutesbury!

Service Basics



1Gbps internet only


Phone service only


1Gbps internet plus phone

*These fees do not include state and federal mandated taxes and fees which will be about $3 for internet and $7 for phone service.

Getting Connected

If you're moving into a home that already has service installed, call Crocker and tell them you need an account set up for yourself at the address. Be sure to tell them the home already has service installed and you just need an account switch - not a brand new installation. If the home you're moving into does NOT already have service installed then you will need to contact us at to get brand new service.

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