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Municipal/Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation Explained in Less Than 5 Minutes (Solstice)

Office of Attorney General:  Consumers losing $$millions on "competitive" electricity suppliers.
Read 2023 update to AG Report.

How to avoid getting scammed by "competitive" electricity suppliers (WBUR: 05/08/2023) provides practical steps consumers can take to protect themselves from private suppliers, and contrasts/distinguishes so-called "competitive" suppliers from Community Choice Aggregation.

Community Choice Aggregation:  Challenges, Opportunities, and Impacts on Renewable Energy Markets (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Green Power at Lower Cost:  Municipal Aggregation is a Huge Success in Massachusetts (Green Energy Consumers Alliance)

Load aggregation programs (Mass. General Laws, Chapter 164, §134)

Municipal aggregation (Mass. Department of Public Utilities)

Straight out of Cape Cod: The origin of Community Choice Aggregation and its spread to other states (Energy Research & Social Science)

UMass study finds Community Choice Energy Aggregation programs have reduced costs and increased sustainability in Massachusetts municipalities.


Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are key to a sustainable future.  Here's how they can fit your lifestyle. (Environment Massachusetts)

A cost comparison between electric vehicles (EVs) and gas cars (NRDC)

Fun fact
Shutesbury is one of the 17 Commonwealth municipalities with hybrid or zero-emission vehicles accounting for greater than 10% of its total registered vehicles.  With 11.5%, Shutesbury has the second highest percentage among towns in Franklin County (Leverett has the highest with 13.4%).  For more fun facts, check out the Massachusetts Vehicle Census at

Energy Production

Homeowner's Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics (

New AGILE technology eliminates need for solar tracking (Stanford University)

Power to the People:  Why We Need Energy Justice (NPQ)

What Is a Solar Farm?  Costs, Land Needs & More (SolarReviews)


Massachusetts Plans for Climate Change

Climate Bill H.B. 5060 [July 21, 2022]  Read summary of key provisions here.

Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2025 and 2030 (

WBUR plan summary article (WBUR July 5, 2022)


Fossil Fuels:  Status & Inventories

Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (WRI)

Cambridge Greenhouse Gas Emissions_Inventory (Cambridge Comm. Dev. Dept)

5 Ways to Cut Oil & Gas Use Through Clean Transportation (WRI)



Go Electric! Rewiring America's Guide to the Inflation Reduction Act

What subsidies are available in the Inflation Reduction Act?  You can calculate your savings here.

Environment America's Clean Energy Home Toolkit has ideas for weatherizing and electrifying your home.

What is MassSave?  How does it help?
Click on MyENERGY/Home at (the top of) MassSave and enter your zip code for 01072-specific info.