Dog Officer

Dog Licenses

  • Spayed female or neutered male—$5.00
  • Unspayed female or unneutered male—$10.00
  • Kennel licenses—Contact Town Clerk

Click here for a printable dog license application, which you can mail or deliver to the Town Clerk's office (PDF file).

Per State law and Town Bylaws, dogs must be licensed at 6 months of age.

Cats must be vaccinated against rabies, but no license is required.

Leash Law Enforced - from the Licensing and Control Bylaw
(see link to the full document at the bottom of this page):

All owners or keepers of dogs, or their agents, shall at all times:

  •  Maintain control of the dog beyond the confines of their property by leash or voice command.
  •  Maintain a collar or harness on the dog, suitable for restraining the animal.
  •  Maintain current Massachusetts dog license, if over six months of age.
  •  License any dog requiring same within 30 days of its arrival in Shutesbury.
  •  Maintain current rabies vaccination, if required.
  •  Maintain the issued current license tag securely attached to the collar or harness.


Dog Licensing and Control Bylaw - Town Meeting approved 2002
Dogs must be licensed at 6 months of age.