General Guidelines


  • Each household will receive 50 free bags per "trash bag year" which begins at the annual Town Meeting, usually the last Saturday in April.  Additional bags (in packs of ten for $20) are available at Town Hall and the M. N. Spear Library.
  • Only trash in tied yellow or purple “Town of Shutesbury” bags is acceptable.  OPEN BAGS WILL BE REJECTED.
  • Reasons for trash bags being rejected include: bag contains recyclables, bag was not tied, bag weighs more than 35 pounds, bag contains yard waste, hazardous materials, or construction debris.  ITEMS OUTSIDE BAGS WILL NOT BE TAKEN.  Repeat violators may be fined.
  • Trash bags and recyclables must be roadside by 7am on pickup day to assure collection.  No call-backs.
  • Place bags inside a barrel to avoid disturbance by animals.
  • You may put out more than one bag. 



  • Items for recycling may be put out in blue recycling bins, lidded plastic storage boxes, or trash barrels.  Any container used must show "recycling" on all sides — either printed on the container, bumper stickers, or large painted “R” on all sides.  The hauler must be able to lift the container into the truck with the contents fully supported.
  • Recyclable cans, bottles, and containers MAY NOT BE PUT OUT IN PLASTIC or paper BAGS (which contaminate the load).  Please flatten plastic milk jugs and other lightweight containers.
  • Paper/cardboard recyclables may be put out in any solid container — NO PLASTIC BAGS.  Paper bags are OK but must support weight of contents.  Fold and flatten cardboard to 2-foot sections or it will be left.  CLEAN pizza boxes are okay (no food!), turned inside out.
  • No automobile tires or oversized tires will be taken at curbside.


Hauler rejection notices

If and when the hauler rejects your trash or recycling, one of these notices will be left with reasons checked for the rejection —

Your trash was rejected because:
    Trash was not in a Town of Shutesbury bag OR
                  trash was in a proper bag but the bag was not tied
    The trash bag was located too far from the road's edge
    Weight of the filled bag exceeded 35 pounds
    Trash has been scattered by animals
    Trash contained hazardous or MassDEP-banned materials
    Trash contained a substantial amount of recyclable materials.

Your recyclables were rejected because:
    Items were not in a marked recycle bin or container
    Cardboard was not flattened to 2 feet or less
    Paper items included soda or beer holders/cartons
    Container items were larger than 2 gallons
    Items included plastic bags OR
                 items were contained in plastic bags
    Recyclables contained trash

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